Thursday, November 12, 2015

doing bad well

As far as I can figure out, the strictures that most religions impose on their followers (don't lie, kill, steal, etc.) do not mean that anyone could actually become "good." What they encourage is that those inclined try to do "bad" well.

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  1. ..Like offering an Avalokitesvara figurine some spiral incense when news came of 150 civilians being killed by terrorists. Denial is pathetic, yet denial can carry some truth. I really didn't do anything, I was asleep when they were killing civilians in Paris. When I woke up I missed breakfast, it is after all daybreak in Singapore when it is evening in Paris. I took my medication instead, some cough syrup especially, and the local news told the world that Singapore Government is on heightened alert. All I had was incense and a zazen figurine, perhaps also an internet connection. I hardly use a weapon sharper than a razor these days since leaving the military.