Friday, November 13, 2015

you can't bribe a crocodile

After sparking ridicule with a proposal to build a prison island for drug convicts surrounded by crocodiles, Indonesia's anti-drugs tsar has now gone further — revealing he also wants tigers and piranhas as guards.
In an idea that seemed to come straight out of a James Bond film, Budi Waseso this week unveiled the prison island plan, explaining that crocodiles cannot be bribed by drug traffickers seeking to escape jail.
Given the periodic high-profile escapes by drug lords, will someone please tell me why this idea is crazy? Nobody snickers when a tiger bites them on the ass.


  1. Throw your cellmate to the lions, then walk by while they digest.

  2. How about throwing a cellphone instead. Maybe lions prefer instant messaging. If we have anything but a use for a cellmate, maybe the lions feel likewise.