Wednesday, November 25, 2015

letter re. Eido Shimano meeting

OK -- I have to admit that my mind dwells and dawdles in a meeting in New York a week ago -- a meeting at which Eido Shimano ostensibly demonstrated his contrition in the face of repeated and credible charges that he maligned his position as a Zen Buddhist 'teacher' with his sexual and financial finaglings. I did not attend the meeting and admit I have not summoned the energy to listen to the recordings made of it. But others (including Genjo Marinello) listened to the recordings and commented and ... well, my mind dwells and dawdles.
Dear Genjo -- Just a note to say I appreciate your comments on the latest incarnation of the effort to absolve and resurrect Eido Shimano and to confirm Roko's Vatican-esque legitimacy. I'm pretty well worn out on the topic, but appreciate your stick-to-it-iveness. On a guess, I doubt seriously that calling out a liar will assure that the lying will be acknowledged or mitigated.

To my mind, the meeting on the 21st rested on one salient fact: Eido called and created the meeting. (A small note from Christine Hickey, the 'mediator,' confirmed this point.) It was his impetus and hence it is to his benefit. The whole thing is a bit like Yogi Berra's malaprop observation, "If the people don't want to come out to the ballpark, you can't stop them:" Those determined to create a god will do it, come hell or high water. This fits with my own appreciation that "all religion is a lie and it is up to the student to winkle out the truth within it."

As to the koan-esque quality that Eido's lifestyle and its fallout has, I think my teacher, Kyudo Nakagawa, cut the knot when, in the course of telling me a couple of unsavory anecdotes about his own connections with Eido, he concluded briefly, "I am finished with him." What other fruit can be taken from this tree?

Ah well, I'm rambling. This is just a note to say thanks.



  1. Or as Yogi would say, "if he called a press conference and nobody showed up, you can't stop them."

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