Sunday, November 22, 2015

Eido Shimano forum

Did anyone reading this blog attend yesterday's meeting at All Souls Unitarian Church (1157 Lexington Avenue; 2-5 p.m.) in New York? The meeting seems to have been orchestrated by Eido Shimano in a Nov. 2, 2015, letter:
I would like to meet with you face-to-face on Saturday, November 21, to speak openly from the heart. I know that many of you discontinued your practice at the Zen Studies Society, but I hope you will participate in the meeting from 2 to 5 p.m. Judy Chang, minister at All Souls Unitarian Church, is kindly making her chapel available to us for this. The address is 1157 Lexington Avenue (at 80th St.), New York City. 
My wish is to express my ignorance and sincere regret for hurting the hearts of the Sangha. It is my hope that through this face-to-face meeting, our heavy burden can be laid to rest, for you and for us all.
My sense is that a blanket absolution and resurrection of Shimano was the intent of the meeting, but I would be happy to be corrected based on actual events.


  1. I'm an outsider, soto, california, etc. Apparently a very bad thing happened quite a while back. As near as i can tell, something was done about it, but folks are unable to let go of this very bad thing. It must have been worse than i can imagine. I can only hope that folks feel better soon.

  2. "It must have been worse than i can imagine."

    It's worse than you obviously know, being this is a situation of lies, deceit, manipulation and abuse, spanning over 50 years.

  3. Yet Eido lives to see another day and many a ? heart is willing to see him return. This world is stupid, what can I say.

  4. I have just placed an audio recording of part of the above meeting in the Archive. (Last entry (1027) on page 21).