Monday, November 30, 2015

news that 'cares' so much

Grouchy old man alert!

Sometimes it drives me batshit to come into contact with yet another person or entity that "cares so much" and cannot seem to refrain from repeating how much s/he or it 'cares.' This caring is, to hear the excuses given, for my benefit ... it's like some mewling spiritual apologist pretending not to interfere with my lifestyle or convert me in any way while all the time coo-ing sweet nothings in my ear. It's all self-serving hogwash.

Consider the Associated Press, an organization that describes itself as the world's largest news-gathering organization. I read its headlines and occasional stories every morning. And on its index page, the AP has taken to adding something called "10 Things to Know for Today."
Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today:
How helpful.

How caring.

How incredibly pablum-esque and self-serving!

Because I am so busy with the twitdom of Twitter or the vacuous facelessness of Facebook, the Associated Press is obviously trying to make my life "easier." Wouldn't like to look like a dummy in conversation, right? I need to keep up with current events if only according to what someone else says. Well, the Associated Press is there to care.

My crabbiness relates to the fact that I think news is important and keeping abreast of your own world is sensible. But popularity is not the point. The point is not to be any stupider than you were in the first place. It may change absolutely nothing to read the news, but it indicates a willingness to take some responsibility and shoulder your own life.

Beliefs and opinions only reach so far. Of course the same can be said for news, but at least news has the potential to inject another point of view ... when it is not, as of late, too busy skipping salient points or selling something. News is not a hand-holding enterprise. Popularity is thin tea.

What I "need to know" is something I can figure out for myself. What I don't need to know is that some ersatz do-gooder is there to lend a caring hand.


  1. I always read that list. I took it to mean what the mainstream is taking an interest in. With so much information out there, what will be an issue pushed by the masses over other issues is something to be concerned about i think, even if it's just todays brand of stupidity.

  2. Grouchy old man alert indeed.

    Remember infants and many sick and old folks have no choice but to eat pablum (although the nurse home billing statement uses clever descriptions like "Puréed" and "Mechanical Soft Diet". The rest of us might need information in puréed form because we're too busy with life and decidedly not with tweeting. LOL!

    BTW I did like




    It took me almost three years to upgrade my cell. :-)