Monday, November 9, 2015

one-man protest in Russia

Crazy or sane, perhaps this is what it is like to go out on a limb:
A Russian artist and political activist has been arrested after setting fire to the Moscow headquarters of the country's security service, the FSB.
Pyotr Pavlensky set the door of the Lubyanka building alight and was pictured standing in front of the blaze holding a petrol can.
Nor is this the first of his in-your-face, all-by-himself activities:

 I don't know about anyone else, but such activities, like the Buddhist monks who set themselves on fire as a means of protest, arouse a fidgeting, explanation-riddled chatter in my less-than-courageous mind. And still it is in-my-face.

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  1. I imagine his immediate future wont be three squares and a cot security. Some "interrogation" and perhaps "intervention" of prison rule violations, if he doesn't disappear altogether. Is that softer than immolation or harder? I don't know. But either is more than i can do. I hide below the radar. I'm a coward still.