Monday, September 12, 2016

air strikes and civilian (not) deaths

For almost two years, RAF jets have been targeting the so-called Islamic State (IS). British warplanes have now carried out more than 1,000 air strikes, firing more than 2,000 bombs and missiles.
And yet the Ministry of Defence still says there have been "no known" civilian casualties. In November last year the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon even suggested the use of precision weapons had "eliminated" civilian casualties.
Brits, Americans, Russians ... everyone wants clean hands or someone to believe they have clean hands. Let's hear a round of applause for Joseph Goebbels!


  1. We didn't kill the civilians. The bad guys we blew up killed them when they exploded all over 'em.

  2. LoL. Have been awaiting the most anticipated earthquake in South Korea over the past few days, glad it has finally happened minutes ago. Practically of the same magnitude as the nuclear test in North Korea last week. Talk about dichotomies, sheesh :)