Thursday, September 22, 2016


Strange to think, perhaps, that the word "embrace" might carry with it it the meaning, "to let go."

A footnote perhaps.

But a footnote to what?


  1. .. Footnote(s) to a zen practice. I still have the book, beautifully autographed, in fact I bought the book pretty urgently because I could not decide when my corporate mentor taught me that she was a Confucian, whether did she mean she was a Confucian or did she mean that she was a Confusion.

    I couldn't really bring myself to work under newer female bosses because of her Confucian or Confusion views. Hence, I bought a book and enjoy having bought it.

  2. Damned Rinzai's and your quest for the perfect coan. Say that stuff to a dictionary thumpin' english major and you'll likely get a discourse on defining usage. Most words will excite other words that define opposing idea's. A word is applied to select from and exclude all the other words.

  3. Charlie -- Am I to infer from your remarks that "exclusion" and "inclusion" amount to pretty much the same thing? :p

  4. I'd say they're based on the bifurcation of the apparent reality. I suspect ol'buddha man's urging away from duality was part and parcel with urging toward awareness without monkeying it up.

    Awareness implies a potential for failures of mindfulness, and the possession of a monkey mind implies a potential for discipline. Pull up a root and see for yourself. To teach it is to wade in the muck. At least that's my argumentatively humble opinion.

    I also have to wonder if the sound of one hand clapping koan, had anything to do with student's cutting off a hand to prove sincerity sufficient to get in the teachers door. Would that be the masters tongue in the student's cheek? Too graphic? lol