Sunday, September 4, 2016

equality and hogwash

It is, perhaps, a time in which each (wo)man is entitled to his or her opinion, however bland or bizarre. And the Internet has provided a great deal about which to have an opinion -- whether personal or social.

But new-ish(?) in the mix is the presumption that because each (wo)man is entitled to his or her opinion, all opinions are equally valid because "all men are created equal." Equality of human beings = equality of opinions.

The fact that this is hogwash would not be quite so distressing if it did not lead to vast swaths of cruelty and unkindness ... not to mention the fact that the volume is turned up. Political candidates like Donald Trump are an example. But somehow more annoying still are the sincere-mongers and their unwillingness to concede that portion of their equality that could not know Donald Trump without being him.

If only the flat earth were the worst of it.

If only my observations were worth more than a fart in a wind storm. I see not other option than to reflect and reflect and reflect some more. And I am lousy at it.


  1. Here's a quote from a lady upset with the local schools efforts at meeting the transgender bathroom rules. Equality is apparently an evil trickling down from Obama. Never mind the constitution beginning with the belief that all are created equal. lol

    “Since (President Barack) Obama came in, it’s been all about equality. This whole equality thing has trickled down now into the education system, and it’s creating a mess,” Castiglione said on Wednesday.

    This lady claimed a boy was emotionally harmed by seeing a girl using a urinal. But the video from outside the bathroom door showed no such entrance or exit. Soooo, lies are ok in defense of children, little white ones i mean. lol

  2. I don't recall making such a spiritual vow, but I have nothing against farting with a decent degree of continence. Donald Trump is just a name, so is Hillary Clinton. Yet, as long as we breathe, we need to be able to fart with some decency, if karma works in one's very lifetime, Adam properly has lesser karmic woes with farting in future than Donald Trump.

    PS: What did you eat just now, your fart smells fragrant :)