Sunday, September 25, 2016

wonder and disaster

Rolling around like a hard candy among my mental teeth, with scant notice as to whether it were true or false, click-click, click-click....

War is an act of imagination and hence is the province of men. Men are imaginative. Women are serious. It is the women whose center of gravity is lower and more rooted. It is they who grow the flowers. It is men who spread the pollen far and wide, sometimes with gush-wonderful results in color and scent, sometimes with one disaster springing up behind another.

It takes care to grow the flowers and care to imagine the possibilities. Either way, the fields fill up in riotous array and children create bouquets to present to mom and dad.

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  1. Am imagining that Adam is Avalokitesvara while olçharlie could be Manjusri or Sariputra. Helps with the breakfast..