Tuesday, September 20, 2016

veterinarian suicides

Passed along in email today: Suicides among veterinarians.


  1. There's no medicare for animals. And i imagine not being able to help one because of costs must be hard. We had a hound here who started out sharp enough, but took either a snake bite or a kick to the head by one of the cows, because after the swelling went down she was never the same. She became goofy and accident prone.

    One morning we found her bleeding heavily from her right rear leg. I tied it off and we sent her to the vet. I was willing to go a couple hundred bucks. But it turned out it was a bleeder, an artery i managed to clamp off with the bandage or she wouldn't have made it that far. The estimate was $800 and beyond my budget so i said bring her back and i'll put her down.

    The vet said she could find someone to foot the bill if we'd sign over claims to her. I shrugged off the implication that we were too poor to own a dog, on a farm a dog is needful, and subject to misfortune. So i signed off on it, imagining she's in a back yard with kids and safe from her goofiness in a hazardous farm environment.

    A private community is pulling up slack on such things i guess. No idea who they are. And we weren't allowed to know where the dog went. That's fine. I'd hope we didn't present a source of worry for the vet. She was a sweet dog and i'm glad to see her in safer circumstances. But i can imagine such events do present some anxiety for a vet. What if we'd been assholes who insisted bringing her home to put down, too proud to let someone else save her.

  2. My pussy cat is sick as well. Happened after feeding her fish instead of the canned crap. She loved the fish pretty much she ate the entire head as well, never figured out how a cat could do that, leaving just a few bones. While the buddhish instinct in me still feel that a meatless diet is proper, when I saw my cat eating fish, it felt "as is".

    It doesn't make sense feeding a cat tofu, though my cat has been trained to be a vegan by now. In a nutshell my cat is happier eating tofu or leaves, just as I am happier doing zazen or solitude. Yet, because the teeth of the cat are born that way, once in awhile that some birds fly by or a fish is offered, the feline predator instinct is the habitual conditioning or worldly nature, the cat naturally knows how to bite its teeth into the necks of a bird or strip a fish naked of flesh without the slightest of training necessitated.

    Perhaps, this is why in some Mahayana ideology, there is a substantial focus on the aspiring bodhisattva fearing any form of wrong doing instead of fearing the karmic "punishment" of retributive effects instead. The best cure of suffering is not creating suffering in thd first place.