Wednesday, September 7, 2016

yes, a story, but what story?

Usually, of course, news stories are all about what is known -- or, more frequently of late, what is surmised. Here is a story that is content to be a true story ... one positively riddled with the unknowns of it all.
A family of five disappeared on a tech-free road-trip only to turn up one by one after a week-long odyssey of more than 1,600km (995 miles), which ended with a police investigation and two of them in psychiatric care. This was a missing person mystery that held Australia spellbound, writes Trevor Marshallsea.
The Tromp family were by all accounts a normal, hard-working household.
Mark Tromp, 51, and wife Jacoba, 53, had established a successful redcurrant farm and earth-moving business at their property in Silvan, on the outskirts of the Victorian capital, Melbourne.
But with little warning, on Monday 29 August they and their three adult children - Riana, 29, Mitchell, 25, and Ella 22 - got into a car and headed north.


  1. Very dramatic, were they really crazy? or just having fun? What brought their adult children to cosign the story that justified their flight?

  2. Abandon ignorance, do wisdom, purify the breath.