Saturday, September 17, 2016

truth to tell

Since I seem to be on a belly-button-lint frequency this morning, I wonder idly what it might be like to interview me. "What do you consider your single most compelling factor in your background or upbringing?" I might ask. And I might respond: "The message of abandonment each of my parents sent me in different ways."

The answer, for an interviewer bent on completing some sketch or outline of a life, would be utterly piercing and utterly true ... and besides, it would fit into a profile of a given length.

But simultaneously, the answer would be, without paradox, utterly piercing and utterly false. Some later soul might seek to explain this true/false simultaneity in a hundred artful, caring ways. It would be bullshit, but it would be earnest.

Maybe that's the way of what is true and what is false: Each attempts to abandon the other and comes up, ipso facto, short.

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