Tuesday, September 27, 2016

be a horrible boss

29 tips on how to be a horrible boss

When non-profit director and blogger Vu Le asked his Facebook community to describe what makes a horrible boss, he was inundated with responses. Warning: you may recognise yourself here.
Anyone else get the sense that the wrong people may read this compendium?


  1. Maybe a good boss would be too busy working, making and fixing mistakes. But a bad boss would be dithering over material like this and actually getting nothing done.

    1. That is why I am reluctant taking sides beyong incumbent Barack Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton His old rival. Trump actually has the potential of making every American excellent employees.

      The irony of it all. Black Moon Zendo becomes the best boss I have ever met in the past decades because Adam Fisher generally leaves me alone. As he taught me approximately, "Take care of Lionel and let the world take care of itself."