Tuesday, September 27, 2016

presidential debate

If, as I do, you take Winston Churchill's definition of "democracy" to heart, then I would say Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton walked away from last night's TV 'debate' against Republican Candidate Donald Trump looking pretty good.

Churchill observed that "Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the rest." Good, bad or indifferent, still democracy has parameters and it was Clinton rather than Trump who transmitted a sense that she could grab her ass with both hands within the maelstrom. Trump's bullying braggadocio came up pretty limp: A man who interrupts is a man on the run and Trump interrupted. "I'm rich" -- is that a statement of political or intellectual or moral capacity? For some, maybe it is, but not for me.

She'll win, but it was pleasant to suspect she had some of the qualities required for a winner.


  1. Sadly, from what i hear and can tell, debates just support people's opinions, unable to change them.

    1. It's feminism at work here. Suddenly over the past months all the American White Ribbon projects appear within my radius. As far as Japan clearly one of USA's Asian allies is concerned, the geisha problem might have toned down with the mafia i.e. yazuka internal strife, but what comes in place are all the J K businesses that sees female spiritual wannabes plying the streets of Tokyo promising a fortune telling session that leads straight to a love motel.

      I have been exploring how to tone or trim down on sensual sleaze over the past years, more lately with some indirect support of Colabo a Japanese group by Yumeno Nito that saves girls from whorehouses, but generally I see a major feminist problem or concern or phenomena and it comes from Communism. The communists are literally one of the greatest exporters more like traffickers of women and children to developed countries. I ain't complaining since they are pretty cheap like the Lenovo laptops, but if one is living amongst the religious in particularly those from Asia and EMEA this becomes geopolitics sooner or later.

      The new president of the Philippines taught me something. I will personally ensure that Comintern Chinese are killed to ensure that Islam remains as a primary religion on my island state republic.