Friday, May 19, 2017

a win-win for the Tea Party

Strange to think:

If Donald Trump is somehow dislodged from office in the midst of the current self-imposed difficulties he has manufactured, the Tea Party can always fall back on the accusation that "it's all a conspiracy and a witch hunt."

If, on the other hand, Trump is not dislodged, the Tea Party can rest easy in the certainty that, "See -- we toldja so."

It's all a bit like Islamic State's claiming a victory for all the martyrs who manage to blow themselves up in a fit of righteousness. Martyrs and saints no matter how you look at them.

Trump wins.

Such a deal!


  1. Or alternately, we lose. What a surprise.

  2. Does everyone have a breaking point? Money? Brutal Beatings? Threats to loved ones?

    Are there really no defensive strategies against propaganda?

    Stay Centered, Calm and Steady. Think for yourself.
    Easy to recommend but doing it takes faith and practice.

    Don't give others power!