Monday, May 29, 2017

The River of Blood ... not

I had wanted to make some mention of Memorial Day, which is today in the United States. All sorts of things, many of them imaginatively, ragingly sad, whizzed around in my mind. And then a friend passed along the perfect apostasy for an apostasy-strewn day and year....


[From Wikipedia] The River of Blood monument is a monument located on a golf course on Lowes Island, Virginia owned by US President Donald Trump. A plaque signed with Trump's name states that the monument marks the site of numerous deaths in the American Civil War, but no battle or other event with mass casualties took place there.
Maybe, as the 'president' might say, it's nothing but fake news ... another disinformation campaign (the last Wikipedia update is dated today), but, well some disinformation rings.... and there are plenty of articles calling out the allegations before Trump became 'president.'


  1. A day to remember stuff. Memory is a funny thing. I can't remember nouns or this morning, but i can time travel back 60 years and parts of it are as real as the first time. Just parts though. And somehow we learn to remember shit that never happened. A funny thing.

  2. While the number and types of lies told by Mr. Trump
    seemed ludicrous at first, some in the media, as Genkaku has noted elsewhere in this blog, are interpreting the lies, others are even normalizing the lying, this is unacceptable.

    As a type of psychological illness, there is more than enough to invoke the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.

    Alternately, if the lying is intentional and part of a possible but implausible political strategy, there is plenty to call for impeachment. I know I am not The only one to hope Mr. Mueller and his investigative team can find the overwhelming evidence that will be needed for the Republican lead House and Senate to impeach and dismissi Mr. Trump and his administration.