Monday, May 15, 2017

Marine Corps leads with a lady

A Marine Corps recruiting clip features a woman in a combat role. Different bits of spin can be put on the clip, but the one wafting around in my mind is that such women, despite their obvious grit ... are really showing some grit. Women in combat is one small way in which Donald Trump can goose his military-dependent administration ... and can also bring out the blindness of war. Everyone gets killed where the bullets fly and the bombs go off ... no preferences. But the mind makes preferences. Heroic men? Maybe that's OK for people who don't think through their "heroes." But heroic and shredded women (ours, not theirs)? Well, ummmmm.

"G.I. Jane" is a pretty good movie.

In my groundless bias, it is men, by nature of their wonderful imaginations, who wonder what it might be like to stick a fork in a light socket.  Women are by nature fiercier and say, "Don't be an asshole." Men can be ethical, but women -- leaving aside philosophical prattle -- are ethics ... by nature. Can women fight? You bet your ass they can fight. But they, I suspect, have a deep gene that is willing to review and reflect. Men, have the "Mother of All Bombs."

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  1. I decided I would put aside my lectures another hour and just chill out here once more. The name Eido Tai Shimano is a noisy voice in my mind. I am happy here with Adam once in a while, not that he is a saint, but simply the fact that he does not promise me anything. No salvation, no heroics, no world peace, etc, etc. I do not remember Adam promising me anything, which is why I like this blog so much more, because there is nothing in it when I get to show up.

    United Nations Volunteers was making me promises. They told me, if I do this pro bono assignment really dang well, they would reward me with a certificate of accomplishment. Another dharma college was making me promises too. They told me, we can waive your i.e. my tuition fees over four months and if you do well and show up for examinations, four years later they are giving me a Masters credentials. Another website was telling me, they are giving away a free MBA course and if I apply, they waive all fees and I can get to collect a dozen certificates if I do my homework. Next, another freelancing website was telling me if I fill up all my skilsets and bid some tasks, they are going to make me paid for each task I fulfill. Basically, the sort of logic and in a way, marketing, it keeps going on and on in my browser window the past weeks. I am not complaining about them of course, it so happened that I would have just given my mother a phone call instead of any of the above trashy promises.

    At least I am happy smiling when I read Adam´s blog once in awhile. Why bother with all those marketing gimmicks when I can just smile.

    Just one smile :)