Thursday, May 25, 2017

spiritual enthusiasm? shut up!

Enthusiasm in spiritual life is a bitch. Consider this small example (scroll down one letter) in the American advice column, "Dear Abby:"
DEAR ABBY >> One of my longtime friends has become extremely religious. I have nothing against religion, but I am non-practicing, although I do believe in something greater. My problem is, now whenever we talk, text, Facebook page and Skype (with our children), everything is about God, religion, how He has a plan for us, etc.
And I am not just referencing Christianity here. How well, and with what embarrassment, I remember my own delight and desire to talk about and 'share' and woo-hoo about Hinduism or Buddhism. Man, I loved it and if I loved it, my friends should love it too!

Bottom line is to follow the admonition of Will Rogers when it comes to spiritual life and enthusiasm: "Never miss a good opportunity to shut up." Aside from anything else, enthusiasm betokens doubt and a grounded spiritual understanding is not a doubtful one.

Yes, I can hear the enthusiasts sputtering, "But....but....but...."

But nothing.

Just shut up and actualize what you claim to know.

PS. I herewith apologize for all my praises and smiles and other dribblings. What a pain in the ass I can be given half a chance!

There I go again!

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