Monday, May 22, 2017

John Oliver sums up the week....

You've got to give the comedian commentator credit for balls...

Honest to God, trying to keep up is precisely as frazzling as Oliver looks frazzled. But different from other commentators, at least he offers an occasional, outraged laugh.


  1. ✔️ He's very funny.
    ✔️Has good insight.
    ✔️Gives an interesting perspective on the downside of impeachment.

    When the laughs are over,

    Is it possible to for Trump's approval rating (~39%) to go even lower?
    He might achieve this all by himself. I don't count on it even with people like John Oliver giving perspective to some of Trump and his team's misdeeds.

    2. Trump's disapproval rating is ~58%. Can we get that translated to Democratic votes in the upcoming special elections and in 2018? If so how? Given what it seems to take to get elected will these Democratic be Republican-Lite or Bernie-style Progressives?

  2. I've gotta think, we ain't seen nothin' yet.