Wednesday, May 24, 2017

artificial intelligence ... again

Once AI is smarter even than the human elite, all humanity could become redundant.
What would happen after that? We have absolutely no idea – we literally can’t imagine it. How could we? A super-intelligent computer will by definition have a far more fertile and creative imagination than that which we possess.
I dislike being magnetized by woulda-coulda-shoulda tales about the advance of artificial intelligence and the disruptions it MAY imply. My problem is that the problems that are imagined (lawsy! lawsy! ... "useless people") are nowhere balanced by a harmonious or happy outcome as far as I can see.

My inabilities reflect my own supposition -- shared by many I think -- that there is something worthwhile and ascendant about the mankind that is dying to advance the cause of what may guarantee its demise.

Cutting away the smoothly thought-out analyses, the best I can come up with is... "you're fucked." The delight of an AI orgasm simply has no staying power.

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  1. Maybe there is no happy or harmonious outcome. Maybe we shall be deemed redundant, orgasms dismissed as biological frivolity.