Monday, May 22, 2017

dissolve the corpse

For decades, most people arranging a funeral have faced a simple choice - burial or cremation?

But in parts of the US and Canada a third option is now available - dissolving bodies in an alkaline solution.
It will arrive in the UK soon.

Its technical name is alkaline hydrolysis, but it is being marketed as “green cremation”.


  1. Death by Alkaline Hydrolysis. Sounds like a plot device in a murder mystery movie or crime scene investigation type TV show. Would have been a great opener on Colombo.

    Great dark humor implications: "Oh Shit! I spilled 'George' all over my Italian shoes! OK OK get some antifreeze no one will ever know."

    Give a choice being responsible for creating sludge to add to our over burdened sewerage systems, or further pollute the local waterways or the oceans, or smoke and ash, I prefer smoke and ash.

    I just skimmed the article as my computer was having problems with the clever web presentation very well. Can the sludge be recycled?

    I did a quick look up of the costs. The cost of Alkaline Hydrolysis will run upwrds of $2400 US, cremation services can be found as inexpensively as ~$800 US. (Taxes and Fees are extra. I think you get the departed one in a cardboard box in the low end cremation. Does one get a loved on in a 5 gallon nonreactive white plastic bucket in the low end hydrolization?)

    Either way, ceremonies costs are extra.