Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"so" chic

So, can anyone tell me why and how the sometimes-adverb "so" has come into popularity? It seems to have replaced "uhhh" as an acceptable way to begin a sentence ... any sentence ... damn near every sentence. So everyone, from dope to sage seems to have fallen prey.


So, I really don't know, but it strikes me as dumber than a box of rocks. Are we all somehow welded more closely together? Are we shown as harmless? Are linguistic fads just so cozy? Is silence really that frightening? Does it make anyone sound smarter, less abrasive, more caring, more thoughtful ... more ... so ... je ne sais quoi?

In a world reeling with dumb, it just seems a pity to add to another snippet.

So ... so ... so I'd better get my act together.


  1. I guess we're afraid to pause and consider. It's just not confident enough.

  2. So may be, I guess, perhaps, we have yet another cranky grammarian sitting in a rotting rocking chair trying to stop the creative use of a living language.

    What's the point? For the most part "so" is used as a sentence starter n casual conversation and casual writing. It's less offensive than, for example, "Hey, sh!t head, listen up."

  3. "So" is irritating, like "you know" and "like". Nothing "creative" about it. Better the pause that refreshes (maybe).