Friday, May 5, 2017

what makes "it" so?

A Canadian activist who faced time behind bars for giving water to pigs has been found not guilty....
In his decision, Justice Harris noted that under Canadian law, pigs are property.
"Ms Krajnc and like-minded individuals may believe otherwise and they are fully entitled to that belief. That does not however make it so," he wrote.
What makes "it" so? Belief doesn't make it so.... ergo law makes it so? Who will take responsibility for a willingness (and even insistence) to make it so?

I am God ... and every time I look in the mirror I choose not to take that responsibility. If I am hungry, are you therefore forfeit? If so, wouldn't it be more accurate to own the accuracy? And if not, what does that say about my willingness/ability/inability to lead a life that is not premised on the agreement of others?

What does this say for the treatment of dandelions? 

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  1. Mind / Heart!

    Dandelions plants can add vitamins and fiber to a diet; treat them as a gift.