Saturday, May 20, 2017

idolators of artificial intelligence

Glued, somehow, as a gawker at a bloody traffic accident, the kind from which it is impossible to avert the eyes, I got caught up in a TV show about artificial intelligence last night. I can't claim to have any sort of overview handle on the topic, but there were bits and pieces and questions and suppositions.....

The crowning event of artificial intelligence, as I get it, is the capacity for machines to become self-aware. Once that happens, the human race is sunk because the machines will be able to do everything human beings can ... but better. Wall Street slick willies will be out of a job; bankers can pack it in; Congress will be unnecessary; medicine will flounder; novels will be a novelty; and when it comes to love-making, everyone will become a perfectly scripted whore. Education? For what? Artificial intelligence knows all that and, what's more, remembers and acts on it.

Looming and hopping about with a perfected joy, artificial intelligence holds out so much promise ... everything will be better and the artificial intelligence will have a belly as full as a blessed vulture.

Good, better, best and all of it threatens to leave what is currently called humanity sucking hind tit, if, indeed, any tit at all. When everything is at last a success, there is no space for failure, no meaning for failure ... no meaning for humanity. If everything is perfect, perfection somehow goes begging.

So what capacity does artificial intelligence have to truly co-opt humanity -- a humanity whose central characteristic might be called failure? Artificial intelligence is premised on success, success and more success. But success has no meaning without failure, has it? But if failure is programmed in, that is antithetical to what artificial idolators expect of their gods.

Human beings may be reluctant to become second-class adjuncts to artificial intelligence, but with the rise of artificial intelligence, is there any room really for "second class?" Or "first class" either, for that matter.

Try benefiting from the very scenario that will eat your liver. And we snigger at mothers fluttering around a flame?

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