Sunday, October 7, 2018

a small and fractured prayer

As you value your spiritual identity, please do not attempt to improve me. Or you either. It's like the half-remembered admonition never to mud wrestle with a pig -- you get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

To the extent that safety and rest and joy are the subtext of spiritual endeavor, to that extent count the blessings that arise from the unnameable. I don't mean to demean the tsunamis of naming that go on -- that's part of the routine -- but what is unnameable ... well, what could be more suited to the echoing quest? To be safe and smiling: What a target, what a wish, what an impossible possibility.

No threats. No promises. No certainties nor uncertainties either. Gain a grip and let go of goodness.

Just a small and fractured prayer this morning.


  1. From which mental sewerage line did you come up with this? Was there a backup after breakfast?

  2. Did you even once think this kind of thinking comes out of either a misunderstanding of spirituality, or a profound inertia born of simple laziness? If so, then preaching it is pretty pathetic. It’s at least as bad as arrogant hypocrisy!