Friday, October 26, 2018

looking back, I guess

From my constricted and increasingly-backward-looking point of view, it is a time of revisions and nudgings that don't sit very well.

-- Tattoos are ascendant with more and more people getting more and more of them. I'm still stuck marveling that people would actually wear shirts that advertised the shirt-makers ... Izod Lacoste, Under Armor, or whatever. Suddenly my identity is not good enough. My tattoo helps me talk louder and therefore more convincingly.
-- TV offerings include more and more survival-mode activities like fishing, hunting, making shelters. Which in turn suggests that hunting a fishing skills may be necessary in a financially-divided population.
-- The word "fuck" and its various permutations is increasing exponentially on various cop-show dramas.
-- Bare breasts are becoming routine as the line between porn and entertainment blurs. Who's got a clue that sexy isn't what you can see, but what is covered up?
-- Wan, harried and conflicted characters gain more and more traction on story-telling adventures. It's truer to life, to be sure, but many of the wan look a lot like the other wan's... same as with the previously well-appointed stars.
-- Marriage still pulls people in but increasingly spits them out as well ... a "blessed" union is a quaint and simultaneously magnetic notion. A resting place, a safe place is increasingly a dangerous constrictor as well ... just like always.
-- Religion takes a hit even as loneliness -- inspired by the likes of Facebook on the internet -- swells.
-- Everybody has rights, especially if that somebody is me.

Oh well, my kids will catch the brunt of it. As the playwright Dylan Thomas once wrote more or less, "Time passes. Listen! Time passes."       


  1. I'm finding that with time, as my practice becomes less dedicated, my cultivated acceptance is now slipping into resentments. Physical decline can be expected, but still can be resented. Where I was once busy and active with exploration and accomplishment, I'm now in pain, frustrated by inability and left with bone crushing boredom. Small chores and too many pills with nothing on my dance card but a death that's taking it's own sweet time.

    1. I’m at a rest stop.

      A few miles back we passed a van with the sign: “Adult Day Care.”

      Perhaps it’s time to avail yourself of the precious Safety Net.

  2. Back Home.

    Genkaku, first off I’d like to say “Wake the F..k Up! Things chance generation after generation; but the truth is I also miss certain styles, shows, etc.

    But, did you know that there’re many ways to watch old TV shows? There are cable channels dedicate to old shows and the major streaming services: Amazon, Hulu and Netflix all have old shows.

    There are other streaming services like CBS’s that offer old shows as well.

    As for older values watch channels like the Hallmark Channel.

    I’m sure that you can FiND things that resonate with your generational view, just look for them.

    BTW - There’s a show that crosses a few boundaries, “The American’s.” Think “The Man from UNCLE” from the other side meets the Cosby Show.