Sunday, October 28, 2018

getting acquainted with "mook"

Reading a pretty good cop-shop novel called "The Force," I run across the word "mook."

"Mook" seems to mean a show-off, an asshole, an incompetent loudmouth ... something along those lines. Slang being the apex of any language from where I sit, a part of me wants to incorporate "mook," to learn its appropriate uses and not just run around like some daft teen who has discovered the word "fuck."

But there are so many meanings and permutations to "mook" that I am not sure I am swift enough to catch up with its eddies and waves.

Maybe that makes me a mook.

Anyway, I like its flavor and leanings ... mook.

1 comment:

  1. Youse mooks! Sertain woids you need to growed up wid to karectly use.

    Lemme show it to you
    Now most mericans don’t know that ”mook” is a derivation of “Mameluke”