Monday, October 15, 2018

"The Republican Club"

There's art and then there's art: Passed along in email today was this -- "The Republican Club:"
President Donald Trump liked a painting of him having drinks with Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon and Teddy Roosevelt so much that he called the artist on the phone and then put a print of it in the White House.
It seems to me that the gathering deserves some sort of cut line. Make up your own. Mine is along the lines of, "Why are these men smiling? Someone just mentioned tax breaks and trickle-down economics in the same sentence with "democracy.""

It's not quite fair, obviously, but this is not an era of fairness.

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  1. I spent my last two years of high school on the Navajo reservation. I received excellent grades because I was anglo, no effort required. But this allowed me to roam and sit in on classes and meetings where my friends were. One such was somehow related to journalism or something, but it was responsible for the year book.

    My senior year a girl who had been voted homecoming queen had her crown taken away by administration because she became pregnant. Proms and school spirit were not my thing, but injustice was a personal interest and this event was hotly discussed in that class.

    The student chosen to be valedictorian was also in that class and supported the administration's decision, not because it was moral, but because he wanted to be on the winning side of the issue. At the time I thought it was because he was on a football team that hadn't won a game ever, a consequence of having a student body totaling 120 some, maybe a dozen of us anglo.

    But I was likely mistaken as to his reasons. Apparently some folk, maybe many, value winning more highly in importance than issues of right or wrong, or justice. Trump said today that he didn't care if the allegations against Kavanaugh were true or not, that winning was what was important.