Wednesday, October 10, 2018

the right to be an idiot

As a powerful hurricane dubbed "Michael" attacked the panhandle of Florida today, rescue workers could only watch and pray with the rest of the population. Residents had been warned. Some heeded the warning. Others did not, prompting Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson to observe via his Twitter account on the internet:
While it might be their constitutional right to be an idiot, it’s not their right to endanger everyone else! (boldface added).
Two days ago, the newspaper USA Today ran what is being described as an oped piece by President Donald Trump. A Washington Post fact checker observed that almost every sentence in the piece was guilty of either misrepresentation of facts or bald-faced lies.

Perhaps it is time to add the sheriff's observation to the U.S. Constitution.


  1. Welcome to Earth 2. It is a place where Trump & Fox & Friends create a new fact free day every day. A place where law doesn’t exist, where corruption reigns free, where collusion is no collusion, where every day Trump can egg on his followers just by talking any nonsense, and they cheer, and chant “lock her up!”

    ...and it’s not Science Fiction.

    1. Kanye West moved to Earth 2 and is now minister of Blackness and Hip Hop, for today.

  2. Sadly, cruelty supported by deception is the rule in human history. We who are coming from a minor renaissance may hold to an expectation of progress. But more likely i think, the pendulum of change is just swinging back to the historical norm. Assuming of course that any form of civilization survives the coming climate disaster.