Tuesday, October 16, 2018

maybe it takes a witch to stymie a warlock

Oh my aching Aunt Fannie!

Things have gotten so fractured and frustrated that 'witches' have been called to the rescue.
A coven of witches will gather in an occult bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday to place a hex on supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh. Tickets to the event, which cost $10, with half the proceeds going to women’s and LGBT charities, have already sold out.
The event is not out of the ordinary for Catland Books, which describes itself as “Brooklyn’s premier metaphysical boutique and event space”. They have previously held ceremonies to hex Donald Trump as well as a “hex your ex” ceremony on Valentine’s Day....
Bracciale says that the store also organises more traditional protests and voter registration drives, but using the language of occult has been more effective in riling up their opponents. “It strikes fear into the heart of Christian fundamentalists. That’s one of the reasons that we do it. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. We don’t subscribe to this bullshit, pacifist, love and light, everybody just get along thing. If you want to hijack the country, if you want to steal the election, if you want to overturn Roe v Wade, if you want to harm people who are queer, well guess what, we’re not doing civility. If you’re going to be these awful bullies, you have to understand someone is going to punch you back and it might as well be a bunch of witches from Brooklyn.”
Sure, it's probably the money, but the notion that things require witch-ery feels also as if a sense of desperation and fury has devolved into the Brothers Grimm. If you could pay ten bucks and find an outlet for a reaching sense of malaise, would you take it? I'm not sure that I would. On the other hand, I'm not sure I wouldn't.

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  1. Made me wonder what real, powerful witches might do in private.

    Take Heed, Brett. Be careful how thee rules.