Thursday, May 8, 2014

'Christians' interrupt Senate prayer

Passed along in email:


  1. Without context and background this post can be considered inflammatorily anti-Christain (i. e. an incident by the few should not characterize the whole.)

    This took place in 2007 and the voices are from outside protestors not Senators.

    Protesting is still more or less a protected, right even as formats of protest are not pleasant to experience and seem unnecessarily rude even to the point of being counterproductive.

    To be frank, in my opinion, all American governmental branches should take the separation of church and state quite literallly and strictly. Ceremonies like opening prayers should be eliminated.

  2. Anonymous -- You are right A. it is old and B. there is nothing to indicate who, precisely is disrupting the meeting. Nevertheless, it is a religious invocation in a public setting and does excite some pretty intolerant counterpoint....
    I will leave the post, but appreciate the points you made.