Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the whorehouse principle

I suppose it's applicable to pretty much any discipline, but since I am interested in both psychological counseling and religion, I think of it in those terms -- the whorehouse principle.

It may not be perfect as an analogy, but the whorehouse principle is pretty close in my mind. The whorehouse principle states that "just because the circumstances are contrived does not mean the orgasm isn't real."

The formats of both psychological counseling and religion are contrived. Both lay out a framework of circumstances which, of themselves, are directed at what might be called peace or happiness, but are not, of themselves, either peace or happiness. Individuals enter a defined framework and work within that framework until, with luck, an honest happiness informs their unlimited, unframeworked lives.

There are a number of critiques that can be brought to bear on the whorehouse principle, but roughly speaking, I think it holds water.

This means that the rules and regulations of any discipline, although contrived and limiting, have the potential to bring about something desirable and real. And this in turn offers some explanation for the sometimes rabid foolishness that devotees can exhibit. There is no distancing yourself from the contrivances of the moment ... you have to enter in without demurrer if you want the results.

Naturally, no one would want to take up residence in a whorehouse, but a visit or two can help to lay out a plan that will allow for a peaceful life in less contrived circumstances.

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  1. Not much in the human experience that isn't contrived i think. From family structure to survival tactics, the many cultural customs of civilizing influences attempt to thwart our instinctive impulses to benefit the costs of those who rise and influence civilization.