Sunday, May 4, 2014

Israel adds an enclave

Israel has launched a new enclave in a Palestinian neighborhood.
Palestinians and Israeli critics worry the placement of the academy in such a central location is asking for trouble in East Jerusalem, which has stayed largely trouble-free in recent years compared to the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank, and which Palestinians hope will be the capital of a future state....
Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem after its capture in a 1967 war has never been recognized, meaning most of the world views Israeli enclaves there as illegal settlements.
Unlike in the occupied territories, most Palestinians in East Jerusalem enjoy Israeli social benefits and looser travel restrictions, making them less motivated to engage in political protests.
Settlement expansion has been a key sticking point in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, which collapsed in April. But even when Israel froze construction temporarily in 2010, it always insisted the moratorium exclude East Jerusalem, which it views as an integral part of the country.
Does anyone doubt for a moment that when tensions rise, Israel will shrug its shoulders innocently and say, "Moi?" And does anyone doubt for a moment that if there is a party that will be screwed/blamed/disdained/injured ... well, apartheid has its prices.

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