Sunday, May 25, 2014

voting on Sunday

Why is it that my own country cannot do something as sensible and downright democratic as holding its elections on the weekends when a vast majority of voters have some free time?
(Reuters) - European elections culminate on "Super Sunday" when the remainder of the EU's 28 countries go to the polls, with the vote expected to confirm the dominance of pro-EU centrists despite a rise in support for the far-right and left.
Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Poland are among the major EU member states voting on Sunday, representing the bulk of the 388 million Europeans eligible to cast ballots and elect the 751 deputies to sit in the European Parliament from 2014-2019.


  1. I believe Australia leaves the polls open for several days, or so i was told by an aussie some years ago. True or not, i see no reason the polls couldn't be left open for a week to allow folks with difficult schedules to participate. But restricting it to one day seems like it's a national "holy" day. Even so it could be a national "holy" week. I suppose there's a stubborn view that a "true" american will find a way.

  2. I've been wondering if it would have made better sense had the founders not given so much power to representatives.

    Some issues like "should we be able to vote on Sundays" should require direct vote by the voters.

  3. I don't think you can people proof anything Andrew. Money can influence the masses as easily as it can buy politicians. Air time probably costs about the same as a viable bribe.