Sunday, May 18, 2014

really, REALLY rich people

Moving up the ladder from "comfortable" to "obscene" in my mind, the Sunday Times in Britain has published a list of its very wealthy inhabitants. I cannot imagine a reason for printing such a list (in America, Britain, or anywhere else) other than to make the have-not's drool.

And it is hard not to drool -- not to imagine, "what I would do if I had all that money."

But one of the most dispiriting conclusions an honest person might reach, I think, is that if I were that rich, I most-probably wouldn't act any differently from the people who already are that rich.

Posture, analyze, despair, dissect, extol, explain, wriggle and squirm ... and where the rubber hits the road, I doubt if much would change.

It is not one of my prouder recognitions.

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