Monday, May 5, 2014

habits, like rabbits ....

As I look around this house that raised three children, I am surrounded by more and more and more stuff. Baseball bats largely unused; boxes of kindling to stoke the fire; pictures; computer paraphernalia; chairs; tables; ballpoint pens that don't work; books ... an unending tsunami of odds and ends. Lotsa lotsa.

And it looks a lot like my mind -- all sorts of habits collected and stored and asking to be dusted off, though I no longer have the energy to dust them: Love that segues to anger, kindness that infuses self-centeredness; spiritual leanings obliterated in a single sneeze; uncertainty dotted with certainties that then return to new and improved uncertainties ... a veritable flea market of shape-shifting personality.

Habits, like rabbits, proliferate. They can be delightful or confounding depending on the time and place and circumstances. Nor is it something to criticize or revise ... revision would just be another rabbit. But...

Maybe it's a good idea to reserve a little space for the place without habits, the place without rabbits ... a nourishing earth that has nothing to do with hip-hopping here, there and everywhere. A place to relax a little.

There's plenty of time to go out and play later.

Just a small habit to add to the other habits.


  1. After my folks died, i spent a good amount of time boxing up for goodwill and gifting the accumulation of 51 years of marriage. I kept what i could use or treasure of course. But not long after, back home, looking around at what someday would be somebody else's chore to box up for good will and gifting. How temporary we are.