Thursday, May 29, 2014

why bother eating?

Passed along in email was this review of the new product Soylent -- a (supposedly) nutritionally complete powder that costs about $3 per serving and saves all the muss, fuss and bother of preparing and eating food.

The review does not say why to inventors chose the name "Soylent" since the sci-fi flick "Soylent Green" was pretty grisly. Whatever the reasons, I suspect the inventors are onto something in a time when things sag to ever-more-impoverished depths.

The central criticism of Soylent is that it is uninteresting and bland and can cause some (possibly temporary) stomach upset.

As a sole nutrient, it sounds bland. Perhaps on a mix-and-mingle basis, it will come into use. The military or prisons might like it.

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  1. If you get tired of eating it..... simply mix it up into a thick paste – it makes an excellent tile grout.