Wednesday, May 21, 2014

peevish parade

Perhaps it falls into the category of "old fart remembers 'the good ol' days,'" but still I am happy to lived in a time when....

-- My country had a "Department of War" and not an evasive and self-serving "Department of Defense."
-- A 2x4 piece of lumber measured two inches by four inches instead of bending a knee to "industrial standards" that allowed manufacturers to offer consumers some lesser dimension (and make more money) while retaining the use of the name.
-- A "problem" was just a problem without recourse to being an "issue."
-- You went to the hospital for an "operation" instead of a miching "procedure."
-- And am I wrong or was there a time when people simply said, "I think" or "I believe" without the simpering and supplicating use of the word "we?"

Of course no one ever had the wherewithal to call "life insurance" "death insurance," but a man can dream, I imagine.

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