Sunday, October 12, 2014


October, the pivotal month in which a homeowner may not be quite sure: Take the air conditioner out of
the window because the weather has turned nippy ... and risk a two- or three-day last gasp of hot summer weather; or leave the air conditioner in and feel the chilly precursors of winter tiptoe in around the cracks between the window and air conditioner. The problem is reversed in May, when summer has not quite arrived.

It's an annual conundrum for anyone fortunate enough to have an air conditioner.

As problems go, it's not precisely a big one. In fact, it's a problem only for those whose lives are not significantly problematic... like whining because the pharmacy is out of your favorite finger-nail polish. Nevertheless, I am not as strong and adept as once and what kind of day would it be without a complaint?

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