Sunday, October 12, 2014

war weary

There may be a kind of adroit bias when the anti-war minions view those who are soldiers: War really is a stupid and hurtful and self-centered pastime so those who don a uniform and pick up a weapon are likewise foolish and simple-minded. Those against war can apply a kind of third-grade, if-then logic that promotes cat-fight heat but salves little.

There are simple-minded assholes attending on any philosophy or outlook, military life included.

But for those who are serious about an anti-war posture, I think things need to be more nuanced, to the extent that they hope to be effective. And I thought this Reuters clip took a small step in a nuanced direction: War weariness within the warrior realms.

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  1. We practice war, weary of war, practice, weary, ad infinitum.