Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a "Muslim -free zone"

Passed along in email today was the news story of an Arkansas gun dealer who has declared her range to be a "Muslim-free zone." Her declaration is complete with the kind of reasoning that is disclaimed by the well-coiffed neo-cons but actually is the fertile soil of separation and fear... and all in the name of a greater America.

With or without the "tea party" label, with or without the creamy arrogance of the neocon, still the feeling seems to well up (blame one, praise the other) like concertina wire, scratching whatever union the country might display into a mediocre pudding of distrust ruled alternatively by flag-waving idiots and flag-waving savants.


  1. In The Life of Brian there's a scene where the organization Brian had just joined huddled on steps pointing out all of the other, similar groups huddled about whom they hated. A terrorist group hates nothing more than a competitor, and ultimately it's all about power. The discussion of america engaging in state sanctioned terrorism is about as new as "banana republic" and "gun boat diplomacy". So liberal america and Al Qaeda have a common enemy in the tea party, our american taliban, the only difference being they're white xtians rather than browner muslims.

  2. I don't mean that to read as though the tea party is all that stands between us and Al Qaeda. I believe the tea party, if left unopposed, would do more damage to america than Al Qaeda ever could. And i believe both are the enemies of reason and any hope of a happy family holiday. Anyone who thinks they have a more important purpose in life than helping others, brings trouble to us all.