Saturday, October 11, 2014

telling the untellable story

I am a story guy and in this early morning, two movie stories seemed to dance in tandem across my mind's dark sky ... stories that told a story I really wanted to hear without ever really making specific reference to that essence ... like making something easier to see by not looking directly at it. I imagine everyone has such nudges and hints in their lives and I wouldn't claim that my leanings were anything anyone else might need to share. I was just pleased, somehow, that these two, and more like them no doubt, existed:

"The Cup" and "Departures" -- they danced in strange, delicately-delicious tandem in my mind and then, like some lava lamp, they blobbed and morphed into something or nothing else....separated and yet inescapably joined.

Writing about god is a fool's pastime ... egotism, and not terribly interesting egotism at that. I think Christopher Isherwood addressed that topic somewhere or other. But even if he didn't, still I think it's true: Picking your nose has more no-shit impact than all the gilded scriptures combined.

But as I say, I am a story guy.

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