Monday, October 27, 2014

judicial terrorism?

LONDON (AP) -- A British chemistry teacher accused of supporting the Islamic State group has pleaded guilty to two terrorism charges.
Jamshed Javeed on Monday admitted two counts of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts. He accepted that he intended to travel to Syria to join rebels fighting against President Bashar Assad's government.
The 30-year-old was arrested in December by counterterror police, who said Javeed had been "an otherwise law-abiding man" who began to support the Islamic State group last summer.
Javeed was accused of making travel plans with the intention of committing terrorism, and intending to help other terrorists by providing funding and buying equipment.
He will be sentenced in December.
Police have charged at least 16 people returning from Syria for terrorist activity this year.
"... Accused of making travel plans with the intention...."

Plans and intentions -- in what twisted and Orwellian world are such things deemed illegal?

I would give a lot to know the circumstances under which Javeed pleaded guilty and, more important, the sentence meted out by a judiciary in a democracy.

Who is the terrorist here?

The BBC's version of this story is longer and more revelatory of the mindset inherent in the situation and the fallout as well. 

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  1. Too late for me, but idly dreaming of a news free zone. A place where all the craziness is unknown. I'm thinking a monastic brewery.