Wednesday, October 8, 2014

eel-catching Buddha

At 74,  Cesare Bergamini is billed as the last eel-catcher in Rome. He has plenty of experience under his belt and has an outlook that might do a 'wise' man some good:
Some people die or are in trouble," he says. "I love to rescue people. I feel human and I want to help everybody, without reward. Whenever someone asks my help, I do my best....
"As long as I am able to move, I'll stay on the water. And if I can't move, I'll ask somebody to carry me here," he says. "If I'm not here, I'll die. Sunday is a holiday. But I prefer to come to work."

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  1. Aw Genkaku you are still young, my national founding father just celebrated His 92 birthday sorta amidst a bunch of rioters demonstrating where the city is. He just published another book.

    It's the girls.

    They are either getting married or they are not. Either making babies or they are not. They are disturbing me every other day over a couple cubic centimeters of bodily fluid that even a 74 year old may have.