Saturday, September 19, 2015

guns 'n' gravy

Japanese troops march into Mukden in 1931.
Welcome to Japan's militaristic past ... a proud and exceptionalist past that is deftly allowed to flourish just below the surface of the country's pacifist constitution. Far be it from a proud nation to relive and take responsibility for the 1931-1945 invasion and occupation of China ... the "rape of Nanking" is just a myth, right? Pacifism is for pussies. Depriving and despoiling and ruling others is a manly pursuit. A policy of guns 'n' gravy is much more in keeping with a proud constituency which is hardly limited to Japan.

Since Friday's vote in Japan, China is increasingly on edge (it too has agendas), but the Chinese critiques echo sentiment that has been steamrollered into submission in Japan itself:
China has said Japan is endangering peace in the region after it passed controversial laws expanding the role of its military abroad.
Japan should learn "profound lessons from history", China's defence ministry said after Japan's parliamentary vote.
The vote allows Japanese troops to fight overseas for the first time since the end of World War Two 70 years ago.... 
Critics have focused on what they say is ambiguity in how the principles of the legislation will be interpreted, and the possibility that future governments will interpret them more broadly.
Oh, it's all so complex...
Oh, it's all so caring...
Oh, it all carries with it the stink of "peace and stability"...
Oh, there's no getting around it:

Guns 'n' gravy: Maybe this time Japan can be on the winning side and, coincidentally gain access to some business-rich opportunities.

Welcome to the past.

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  1. We're always arrogant enough to think that we can do what our forefathers failed to do by throwing more righteousness at it. It would seem we doubt our forefathers level of righteousness.