Sunday, September 6, 2015

on the political stage 2015

Jeremy Corbin
I guess "political mavericks" are called political mavericks because they do not stand a snowball's chance in hell of actually assuming power. But to the extent that politics does indeed represent the voting public, it's hard to describe people like Bernie SandersDonald Trump and England's Jeremy Corbin as somehow distant from the mainstream fray. It's a bit like excusing mainstream religion for the quirky and sometimes vile cults they spawn -- good, bad or indifferent, it cannot be done.

Trump's bombastic idiocies notwithstanding, I am glad for these shake-up-the-scenery candidates: They may never win, they may detract from serious debates about serious issues, but if the electorate is going to be led back to the same-ol'-same-ol', at least itt is nice to have a little fun and to sense that someone speaks up for those who see "nonsense" ... and wish that "sense" would come back into vogue.

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  1. The republicans are so desperate for a win now, so hungry, that if Trump's numbers stay this high, they may put him on the ticket. And if he runs against Hillary, the misogamist notion that it's a man's job will make him our next president.

    From there, i can imagine a very confused republican party, where their dominant membership in congress will not know whether to fight him or support him, and things will get crazy. He will get frustrated and change plans, or maybe this will be his plan all along.

    Because he believes he's smarter than the rest of us, and believes acquiring money means winning, i believe he will drain the public coffers into his own pocket. I can imagine him issuing an executive order to move Fort Knox to an island with no extradition treaty with the U.S.

    For as long as our species lasts with sufficient ability to record history, he will figure largely. He will perpetrate the crime of the century. He might not be able to get his hands on Fort Knox. But such hyperbole will pale when compared to the reality. For as nutty as he appears, he's gaining ground, not losing. He may not be smarter than everybody, but he's smarter than a majority of american voters.

    Things will be shaken, not stirred.