Sunday, September 13, 2015

'shaming' fat people

Comedian Nicole Arbour has raised some hell by calling out fat people in a six-minute video that got so much attention that YouTube shut it down for a while. Yup, it's insulting in one sense, but it is also laced with some serious and altruistic focus. I particularly liked Arbour's self-deprecating observation that it was a blonde pointing these things out.


  1. I went to the youtube page for it, and apparently they had to disable comments. I loved her style and editing, and the message wasn't wrong either. But i suspect it's the modern market place, the availability of food, behind the "obesity epidemic". There was a time when only rich people were fat.

  2. ... everyone is 'differently-challenged' or 'differently-gifted' I guess.

    If this verbal high jinx keeps up, we're all going to fly up our own assholes and disappear.

  3. It grieves me that humor or honesty should hurt someone. But it also grieves me that we might lose our sense of reality, responsibility, and humor.