Wednesday, October 28, 2015

loop-tape blues

There are a gazillion solvents and unguents and prayers aimed at mollifying the loop-tape glums that can rise up on any given day. They all offer solace and perhaps they work ... the breath, the God, the meditation, the ... whatever it is. But sometimes the loop-tape glums cannot be stilled; they just seem to segue back to the beginning and begin all over again ... a Moebius strip of angst or anguish and, for the moment, that's where things are, no angels need apply.

I was emailing with friend in a gloomy place this morning and besides commiserating a little, all I could think of was this: Don't try to solve it, but do take a break .... really, just a break after which the loop-tape gloom can resume.

A break as in:

No, it doesn't fix anything. Of course it's frivolous by comparison.

But it is a break.

1 comment:

  1. We come into this life without any sound prior to our touch with air to make the past silence seem unwanted. Even our sight brings rules to live by, be it tv or movies... until we've seen it all and focus on each present moment's opening.