Friday, October 30, 2015

spiritual cowlicks

Because I remember how juicy it was to sit down with an actual-factual person when considering spiritual endeavor, I have agreed to talk with a college student intent on some Buddhist homework assignment. People are so much more interesting and confounding than the smooth waters and apparent control offered by a book. And people are the interesting part ... control, in the end, is too unsatisfying.

But there is some irony in the situation in that a homework assignment entails bringing a smooth and soothing agreement to spiritual stuff. Premise: If we all agree then the truth of the matter is affirmed. Flesh and blood people are not smooth and agreeable ... that's what brings zest to the situation. Flesh and blood people stick out around the edges, like some collection of cowlicks.

I await the enunciation of words whose meanings I don't really know -- things like "ethnography," smoothing, soothing and purring words. OK, I'll stand the gaff because it is part of a greater education that I like and have given a whirl in my life.

But I do wonder what's the matter with messy ... with cowlicks.

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  1. Agreement becomes a cult, goes too far. Disagreement because a pogrom, goes too far. A balance between the two becomes political struggle between factions trying to go to far.